Marie Claire event with Carole White from Premier Model Agency – 12th May 2011

My Notes…

Carole is just as she is when you see her in The Model Agency documentary.  I get the impression that what you see is truly what you get.

She is a very attractive, dynamic, outspoken – tell it how it is kind of girl.

She told us how she started the business with her brother with just £7000 personal investment after being made redundant from another model agency.

For the next 10 years they relied heavily on a huge overdraft from Barclays bank before finally making a profit around 10 years into the venture.

She loves working with her family as she feels they can have their crazy fights and disagreements without ending up in an industrial tribunal!

She counts Richard Branson,  Mary Portas and Maggie Thatcher as her inspiration. She had a very close relationship with Naomi Campbell for many years but it was always a tough one and she tells us that even in the early days she knew the relationship would end badly.  (She couldn’t say much more due to an ongoing legal battle with the delightful Ms Campbell).

Carole explained that at the start of their careers, British models are insecure and needy, but Eastern Block models are the most ambitious and determined creatures you are ever likely to meet.

Despite the press opinion of today’s skinny models, Carole doesn’t believe that editorial models are any skinnier now than they were 20 years ago.

Carole has a wonderfully exciting job with her agency and gets to travel the world and mingle with the top-dogs.  One thing I can confirm that Carole and I have in common is our dislike of completing our tax return forms…

She counts being assigned to get the girls for George Michael’s Freedom video as the moment she knew she had ‘made it’.  She managed to get Cindy, Naomi, Linda and Christy despite the fact that none of them with signed to her agency.

It was great to meet and be inspired by Carole. Now all I need is for her to sign me up – not as a model of course, but as her Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant.

Watch this space…

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